Jazwares, Epic Games Reveal First Fortnite Product

The anticipation is ON for Dec. 1 and the release of Jazwares‘ line of Fortnite toys.

To give fans a sneak peek before the launch, Jazwares and Epic Games shared photos of upcoming Fortnite toys on their social media platforms.

The photo of Jazwares’ Fortnite Solo Mode—Drift figure collected more than one million likes on Fortnite’s Instagram account in a post tagged with #FortniteIRL. The figure includes Drift’s attire, including his Rift Edge pickaxe, kitsune mask, and stage 5 jacket.


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Drop and Drift into the holidays! Coming 12/1… #FortniteIRL

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The Fortnite product line from Jazwares was announced last July and is based on the popular video game from Epic Games. The full product line, including figures, Domez, loot boxes, play sets, environments, plush, vehicles, and game-replica weapons and tools is set for release on Dec. 1.

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    • Hi Mike!
      It doesn’t appear that there is a pre-order option for these products, since the line is tightly under wraps until Dec. 1. Starting then, however, they should be available for purchase in major retailers and online!


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