Welcome to the stage, Blackpink.

The girl band is quickly rising in fame with hits like their collab with Lady Gaga, “Sour Candy.” To celebrate their killer tunes, Jazwares launched a new line of collectible toys today based on the K-pop stars. Available June 26 at Target and on Amazon, the line currently features three products.

Each individual personality of the girl groups’ four core members inspired the toy line. Jazwares hopes that it brings “Blinks” (superfans), casual listeners, and those who haven’t even discovered the group yet together through the power of play. Blackpink offers empowering songs that the toys are meant to capture. Kids can collect from two mystery assortments or fall in love with the Light-Up Plush Heart.

The Mystery Pop Stars assortment ($4.99) features 12 3-inch figures, each a surprise waiting to be unboxed from a microphone-shaped case. Kids can mix and match each doll’s outfit, which are all base on iconic looks from Blackpink’s music videos.

Kids can also unbox a more surprising discovery with the Mystery Superstars assortment for $9.99. The 3-inch figures come in a heart-shaped case with three mix and match fashion accessories for the doll, a beaded bracelet with a charm for kids, *and* confetti. The collectible styles were inspired by the music videos for “Kill This Love,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “WHISTLE,” and “BOOMBAYAH.”

Dance parties aren’t complete without the Light-Up Plush Heart for $14.99. It features a synced light show and reacts to touch and ambient sounds. Lights fade in and out, rotate around heart, blink like a heartbeat, and respond to music and sound patterns.

Later this summer, Blinks can expect the VIP All-Access Box Assortment, which features a collection of more than 10 surprise items inspired by the K-Pop group’s first mini-album. Kids could discover glitter barrettes, stickers, a key chain, photographs of the girls, nail stickers, a special phone stand, or something else colorful and cool.