Jakks Pacific launches new Disney Encanto line! | Source: Jakks Pacific/the Toy Insider

There’s a new Disney movie on the way!

In anticipation of Disney’s Encanto, Jakks Pacific is releasing a new toy line in collaboration with the movie. Inspired by the sights and sounds of Colombia, Encanto follows a young Colombian girl who is the only member of her family with magical powers. Featuring original music from the movie and interactive elements, Jakks Pacific’s comprehensive line will celebrate the entire family ensemble — as well as key moments and original music from Encanto — so kids can recreate their favorite scenes.

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The Encanto collection will include interactive playsets, such as the Magical Casa Madrigal, the Singing Mirabel and Magic Butterfly doll, the Sing and Play Mirabel doll, the Mirabel and Isabela fashion doll assortment, Mirabel’s Musical Accordion, the 7-inch key character plush assortment, and character role-play dresses. Some toys will also play music from the upcoming movie.

The Jakks Pacific Encanto line will launch on Oct. 3, with future waves of Encanto products to follow next year. Disney’s Encanto will release in theatres worldwide on Nov. 24. We can’t wait to see what kind of magic is hidden in these playsets!