Raising toddlers can be tough, but imagine if your baby also had superpowers.

Jack-Jack Attacks, from Jakks Pacific, brings the most adorable member of the Incredible family to life.

Kids can press on Jack-Jack’s tummy to hear him laugh, giggle, babble, cry, shout, and do other baby things. But since he’s Jack-Jack, he’ll also make electric spark sounds as well.

If they keep on pressing on Jack-Jack’s belly—or press and hold it—watch out! Jack-Jack will cycle through his powers! His cheeks light up red to show off his fiery flames, he’ll flash yellow and create spark sounds to show off his electric sparks, and his eyes glow blue to show his piercing laser eyes. And these aren’t lame effects either—they’re the real deal. They light up fairly bright and don’t fade.

Jack-Jack also includes a raccoon as well, since the raccoon is an integral part of Mr. Incredible discovering Jack-Jack also has powers. Of course, at the end of the first Incredibles movie, we all know as an audience that Jack-Jack has superpowers (Yikes! That poor babysitter!), but at the beginning of the sequel, the rest of the Incredibles find out for themselves. All his powers come out in full force as he tries to stop a raccoon from stealing their trash. In a showdown that finally wakes up his dad who is napping, Jack-Jack reveals his true powers.

Looking just like his character in the Incredibles 2 movie, Jack-Jack Attacks features rooted hair, a soft body, and a molded head and hands. His big eyes really show off his lights, and he’s just absolutely adorable.

Discover all of Jack-Jack’s polymorphic and hidden super abilities with Jack-Jack Attacks!