IronManglovesWith the upcoming release of Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron—mark your calendars for May 1!—Hasbro launched a pretty sick line of superhero toys for kids and Marvel fans of all ages. There’s figures, vehicles, Play-Doh, and, of course, some awesome role-play toys. With Hasbro’s Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Arc FX Armor, kids can literally get their hands on some of Tony Stark’s cutting edge technology. (Get it? Because they’re gloves.)

These gloves take role play to a whole new level. They are articulated, motion-activated, and feature a light-up repulsor in the palm of one of the gloves. I dare you to NOT feel like Iron Man when you’re playing with these (Because let’s be real: They’re made for kids, but everyone wants to be a superhero). Kids can just raise their hand to activate the light and blasting sound effects, just like Tony Stark when he’s all suited up.

And I kid you not: They make you feel powerful. Since the gloves are articulated and motion-activated, it really feels like you’ve got all of the power of Iron Man, right at your fingertips. Moving your hands activates the lights and sounds, and by pushing your hand forward, a blasting sound effect allows kids to show off some of Iron Man’s offensive battle moves. The gloves aren’t stiff, so kids can really play; they can even pick things up while reenacting their favorite movie action scenes.

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, these gloves will spark imaginative play in even the smallest of heroes. Plus, with Hasbro’s whole line of role-play items from different Marvel movies, kids and their friends can assemble together to save the world—and galaxy—from impending doom.