Now you see it, now you don’t.

Invisible Think, one of the newest additions to MindWare’s line of party games, adds a new twist to the classic drawing game. Players split into teams and work together to draw and guess the secret word on the drawing card before time is up. The team that earns the most points after six rounds wins the game.

Here’s the twist: One or multiple players from a team will have to wear red-tinted glasses during the round. With these glasses on, it will become nearly impossible to make out the image that is being drawn with the red “invisible” ink.

Now, its time to put players’ creative thinking to the test. The first team to go spins the spinner to determine which player—or players—will wear the glasses during that round. There are three different possibilities for the spinner to land on: The person who will draw the picture wears the glasses, the teammates who will guess wear the glasses, or all teammates wear the glasses.

The team member who will do the drawing picks a card and then races against the clock to get his or her teammates to correctly guess what is being depicted. Madness ensues as all players try to think quick and act fast, shouting whatever comes to mind as their teammate is hard at work creating a masterpiece, which they may or may not be able to fully see.

During one of my turns, the secret word was, “camp fire.” While it seemed obivous for me when I did not have the glasses on, my teammates that wore the glasses could not say the same.

Without Tinted Glasses:

With Tinted Glasses:

The plot thickens. Enter: Forbidden Word Cards. If a player draws a Forbidden Word Card, players shouldn’t be too quick to shout the first thing that comes to mind. With these dreaded cards, the drawer must try to create the image for their teammates to guess, while they try to prevent them from saying the related, forbidden word on the card. For example, on one Forbidden Word Card, the forbidden word is “police car” and the player must draw a “taxi.” With only one color to use and the clock ticking, the race to beat the odds is on.

Since these type of cards add more of a challenge, correctly guessed Forbidden Word Cards are worth two points, while regular cards are worth one point. Teams also score an additional point if a word is correctly guessed when all players have on the tinted glasses. The team with the most points after six rounds wins.

If you can dream it, you can draw it. The question is: Can you guess it? With Invisible Think, the invisible guessing game is on.