Are you expecting or knowing someone who is?

If you answered yes, then we must introduce you to Sophie The Giraffe.

baby shower gift sophie giraffe
Sophie is a 7-inch-tall rubber teething toy that is manufactured in eastern France by Vulli.

This simplistic, classic infant toy has been around since 1961- and recently sent the internet buzzing when the Wall Street Journal reported that in 2010, one Sophie the Giraffe was sold for nearly every French newborn that was born (816,000 giraffes in France, and 828,000 babies were born).

Here in the U.S., Martha Stewart has named Sophie a baby must-have and Sophie has even been spotted in the hands of dozens of celeb babies.

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So what is it about Sophie that new parents can’t get enough of?

Sophie is….

– Phthalates and BPA free
– Facilitates baby development
– Numerous parts to chew and play safely
– Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint

You can find Sophie online retailing between $20-$25.