Inky's Fortune

Imagine, if you will, a legendary underwater cove filled with gleaming gold coins accented by rays of colorful light processed by passing through priceless gems that could all be yours. Now, imagine that this beautiful bounty is guarded by a mighty, eight-armed protector that will blast all would-be plunderers with a blast of ink that is darker than the deepest depths of the sea!

Dramatic? A little, but now families can try their hands at scoring colorful gems from the watchful guard of an octopus named Inky.

Inky’s Fortune is the new “gotcha!” game from Mattel that posits a world where a cartoon octopus with a snaggletooth sits perched above an irresistible bounty of loot. Designed for 2 to 4 players ages 5 and up, Inky’s Fortune is a challenge rooted in patience, a steady hand, and a mastery of fine motor skills.

Players take turns trying to sneak away with gems from Inky as he attempts to catch a few Z’s. Should a player have the misfortune of disturbing one if Inky’s tentacles, the octopus will be startled awake! When Inky’s eyes open, so does his mouth with a blast of his powerful ink blob!

Inky's Fortune

If a player gets inked, their gem gets placed in a discard pile and Inky is reset. If they managed to sneak off with the loot, it’s theirs to keep! The challenges continue until all of the gems are gone and the player with the most in their pile is ultimately deemed the winner of Inky’s Fortune!

It’s fun game that kids and families can play together with minimal set-up or time commitment. Parents should be aware that Inky does come in different colors, so you might get a red Octopus or a green Octopus depending on where you like to shop. Actually, are red and green trying to tell us that this might make a good gift for a certain looming holiday season? If so, I’d be inclined to agree!

Inky’s Fortune was one of the new toys and games that Mattel recently debuted for the first time at the Toy Insider‘s Sweet Suite @ Home event.