Dinosaurs are going to be a popular toy item this summer, as you can see from this Toy Insider post! While your kids play with all the darling dinos, why not have fun with it yourself with some dino dressing?

The Indominus RexI decided to take Hasbro‘s cool Indominus Rex toy figure from the Jurassic World line as my inspiration. Like all Jurassic Park dinos, this big baddie is a female. In the upcoming film, set for release in theaters June 12, you will see she is one of the Hammond Creation Labs’ formulations, designed to be bigger (and badder) than the T-Rex.

While the Indominus Rex chases people, reaching speeds of up to 30 miles per hour (and tries to eat said people), we all know that Moms can put pedal to the metal when chasing the kids, especially when trying to get them to eat anything involving the word “vegetable.” Plus, the name “Indominus Rex” feels totally fierce. So, here are some fierce looks for us gals.

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Just pick gray pieces with a pop of red for that blood thirsty dinosaur look. Then find accessories that either have a spike or dinosaur theme to them. Whether its a shirt, a cellphone cover, ring, or even a necklace, there’s lots of ways to add some fierce dino highlights into your look. You can find a lot of pieces at places like Etsy. Otherwise, you can get links to any of the pieces in the image here. While the kids have fun playing with the dinosaur toys, we can have fun, too.