Ultra T Rex copyIf I know words like I think I know words, “ultra” is usually a good thing. It’s a simple way of saying “Hey. This is big and awesome and you’re pretty much going to love it.”

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex from Fisher-Price offers some ferocious fun for young fans of the prehistoric, and it lives up to the hype its name creates. Standing 2.5-ft tall, he’s definitely imposing—even for someone like myself who’s adult-sized. I can only imagine how big it will feel to a kid that’s, well, kid-sized. What youngster wouldn’t have fun playing with a toy that’s just as big as they are? No youngster.

Let’s compare this dino to Rex, the plastic Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Toy Story franchise, because it gives me the opportunity to talk about Toy Story and the two have a striking contrast. Rex, who was known for being insecure about his ferociousness, was always afraid that his owner, Andy, would find another scarier dinosaur to replace him. Now don’t tell Rex, but Fisher-Price may have just given kids that dinosaur. The Ultra T-Rex is formidable and confident.

Kid With T Rex ZOOM 3

Initially, the sheer size of this bony beast is what sets it apart. But even still, there are plenty of other reasons why the Ultra T-Rex is ultra. This tyrant lizard sports a handful of exciting features and extras, including a trap door, weapon storage, a glider, a boulder launcher, a tethered projectile claw, three Imaginext figures with helmets (because safety) and accessories, four boulders, and four projectiles. Pretty darn ultra. The end of his tail is rubber-like, but the rest of him is made of hard plastic. He’s pretty much ready to go straight out of the box, but some assembly and a few batteries are required. And despite the stubby arms, (just blame genetics), kids should feel good about taking this Tyrannosaurus Rex into battle. Kids will have a blast battling enemies with this archaic ally, as they foster their imaginations and take creativity to new heights.

Accessories Ultra T Rex

Armed with three Power Pads, these small round switches help bring the Ultra T-Rex to life when kids turn them. They’re basically the key to all the dinosaur’s interactive features. For example, when kids turn the Power Pad behind his whipping tail, they’ll watch him take four heavy-footed steps forward as exciting sound effects play. Move over puny humans—when kids turn the pad above his left hip, they’ll be delighted to see the T-Rex rise to his full standing height. And when they rotate the third and final Power Pad atop his head, they’ll be greeted with an chomping jaw and a loud, reptilian roar. LED lights in his spikes and eyes will also illuminate, making the Power Pads a powerful force when it comes to awakening this predator.

Kid With T Rex ZOOM 2Ultimately, this carnivorous creature packs a powerful punch, and he’s bound to take kids on exciting, playful adventures this holiday season. Coupled with a youthful imagination, every chomp the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex takes is guaranteed a sweet taste of victory.