To quote Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star, “all you need is a box and imagination.” 🌈

Those two were on to something, because when kids pair their imaginations with this box full of K’NEX rods and connectors, they’ll have everything they need to make the ultimate creations. The Imagine: Power & Play Motorized 50 Model Building Set is designed for little innovators who are eager to put their design skills to the test.

With nearly 530 parts, kids can build all kinds of unique models, including cars, planes, robots, animals, and more. Young builders can also use their imagination to build their own original models using the skills they picked up while constructing previous designs. The set even includes one battery-powered motor so that kids can make the animals walk, cars roll, and robots move.

Whether kids are building pros or new to the construction scene, the colored instruction booklet makes it easy for kids to follow along, and features steps on how to build 50 different models. While some models are more advanced and require multiple pieces and parts, other designs are easier and require fewer steps.

Though the more basic models do not use the motor, most creations are designed to with bendible, agile pieces that will move on their own. For example, when kids construct the frog, its arms and legs move up or down and it attaches to a spring base to make it look like it hops. Some vehicles, including a bus and a tractor, incorporate the motor into its design. Additionally, kids can make other fun, motorized creations such as a moving jester, or even a basketball game.

Imagine: Power & Play Motorized 50 Model Building set encourages kids to see how far their imaginations will take them. While they construct models and fit pieces together, tiny thinkers will pick up basic STEM principles, as well as strengthen their hand-eye coordination skills.