ImagineIf a picture is worth a thousand words…

That’s the concept behind Imagine, a new game from Gamewright. Designed for kids ages 12 and up, Imagine is a game where players combine picture cards in an attempt to get others to guess a specific person, action, TV show, and more. It’s a test of each player’s creativity and ability to think outside the (picture) box.

Before the game starts, players spread the transparent picture cards and shuffle the Enigma cards. The Enigma cards each contain categorized lists that are numbered from one to eight. Categories include food, phrase/expression, movie, place, and more. The first player to go draws an Enigma card, and someone else calls out any number from one to eight. The first player must choose the category that corresponds with the number that the player calls out.


For instance, one category may be phrases/expressions with “fall into the trap” listed below it. Once the player shares only the category with the others, he or she pick as many transparent cards needed to portray the phrase that is listed on the card. Kids may combine, overlap, move, and even cover certain parts of the picture while they try to get others to guess what their picture portrays. That being said, players may not talk, mime, or act anything out.


While some items chosen on the Enigma cards may only require one or two cards, others may take multiple pictures. For the phrase “it’s raining cats and dogs,” I used six pictures in order to get my idea across.


Both, the first player to guess the item on the Enigma card and the player who made the clue, each earn one token. There’s no time limit for each round, so players may either choose a specific time limit to base each round off of, or guess until they give up and forfeit points for that round. The game ends when each player successfully gets others to correctly guess two of their enigmas.

Imagine is a fun and affordable way for kids to get resourceful and put their creativity to the test.