The European doll brand, I’m A Girly, has officially launched in the U.S. with a wide range of diverse dolls aimed to inspire kids’ creativity and style.

I’m A Girly features a line of five 18-inch fashion dolls with interchangeable wigs and more than 150 accessories. Each doll comes with a unique name, bio, and identity that kids can customize through clothing, accessories, and easy-to-style wigs. 

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Kids can practice styling buns, braids, and other hairstyles with the “I’m A Stylist” styling heads, launching in December. Future hairstylists can amp up their doll’s makeover with the hair accessories and stick-on gems included with the doll. Also available are three 14-inch “I’m A Wow” dolls, featuring hair and clothing that magically change color in sunlight.

The dolls are all kid-tested and approved by a panel of boys and girls ages 8-14, who offered insight into the dolls’ look, feel, and style. The end result is a proportional, inclusive, and diverse line of dolls with modern and exciting style that kids can explore their creativity with. 

The collections are currently available at Amazon and Target.