I have always loved jigsaw puzzles, so I was excited to test out TCG’s Fisher-Price I-Jig Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle System with my daughter, Lena. I was a bit skeptical at first; classic puzzles are already a great family activity, why mess with that? There is enjoyment in opening a fresh new puzzle, separating out the edges from the middle pieces, sorting by color or area of the puzzle, and beginning the process of creating the frame. Then, of course, the excitement of placing those last few pieces and the satisfaction of having produced the final image.
The I-Jig System takes that great experience and adds interactivity, bringing puzzling into the 21st century for kids. Designed for ages 3 and up, the I-Jig System comes with a console, two 24-piece puzzles and storage for additional puzzle cartridges. Themes include Farm/Barnyard, Zoo, Jungle, and Vehicles.
Lena, who is 4 years old, got a real kick out of the interactivity the I-Jig offers. It turns puzzling into a game. She loved pressing the sensor areas on her completed puzzle to hear sounds and music. Each puzzle also has three different modes and more than 50 questions so , unlike traditional puzzles, once the puzzle is complete, there’s still a lot of fun to be had.
The puzzles are just challenging enough for the age it is designed for. Lena needed my help the first time, and then felt more confidant putting the same puzzle together the second time.
I’m especially happy that it comes with two puzzles, because as soon as she was done playing with the first puzzle, she immediately wanted to build the second puzzle and play with it. Twice the play value!