Goal: $35,000
Funding Period: May 13, 2014-June 12, 2014
Stretch Goal: 3,596 backers
Creator: IAmElemental

5ad61c13307d62611b2e41e2d59e19bb_largeThe team at IAmElemental created their line of action figures when they saw that the typical female action figure on the market is not designed for girls, or even boys. They seemed to be more for the adult male collector, who are not heroines that girls can look up to. IAmElemental Action Figures were designed to revolutionize how traditional action figures for girls look.

IAmElemental is converting the Periodic Table of Elements into the “Elements of Power,” with the first series being the elements of Courage. The action figures in this line include Bravery (Br), Energy (Eg), Honesty (Hn), Industry (In), Enthusiasm (Em), Persistence (Ps), and Fear (Fe). Each 4-inch figure has nine points of articulation, wears armor, can hold an identifying shield, and has an accessory that speaks to their superpower.

The company has three main goals for its action figures. The first is to re-interpret the traditional action figure. The designs have a healthier waist, hip, and breast ratios and strong female characters that foster creativity in kids. Second, the stories of the characters are reinvented from the traditional way superheroes gain their powers. Instead of having mutant DNA or some sort of accident, the characters have all the superpowers they need inside themselves. For example, Bravery is defined as not shrinking from a challenge and has the ability to create a protective force field around her and others. This gives children the opportunity to create their own stories, fostering creativity, instead of being given a storyline. Lastly, the motto is to “Play with Power,” meaning that these toys are fun and collectable.

Kickstarter donations range from $2 to $5,000 and prizes include a baseball hat, the action figures, bracelet, trading cards, and a Dinner & Brainstorm event. The campaign has already reached its Kickstarter goal and has created a stretch goal of 3,596 backers. The stretch goal reward is a limited Kickstarter edition figure in Courage Red.

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