Make Your Own Twirly Toy with HypnoGizmo

Fidget toys are all the rage, yes. We’ve seen a multitude of fidget spinners this year. But step back, and get ready to be entranced, with HypnoGizmo, a build-your-own spinning fidget toy. It’s EYE-MAZING.

HypnoGizmo Make-Your-Own Twirly Toy, by Kahootz, lets kids create their own twirly toy. Unlike your typical handheld fidget toy, this one is much larger, equipped with colorful beads, and has a unique design (tbh, it looks like a weight!). This wild wonder will keep kids hands busy and mind engaged with its eye-entrancing, brain-bending kinetic flow.  It’s so mesmerizing just watching the beads spin and move up and down and all around. Whoosh. Whoosh. I can’t stop, won’t stop.

Assembly is part of the fun of this colorful contraption—concentration and following the directions is a must. Kids will start the HypnoFUN by building the gizmo. After attaching the two Hypno-Discs to the post, it’s time to bead. Beware, assembly involves a lot of threading through specific holes and beading.The beads are tiny, so make sure not to spill them…like I did. Kids will start by beading 28 small beads on the Hypno-Line (a clear twine-like string).

Next, kids will route the Hypno String Through the Level B holes on the hypno discs, distinguished on the instruction booklet. There are three levels of holes. Kids will pull the strings up diagonally and at an angle. Different levels of Hypno-Line will be implemented.  Assembly should take no longer than 15 minutes. 

Once it’s built, the addiction starts. It will spin in a mathematical motion. Twist it or spin it, the beads will look like they’re flying, but are safely secured by the Hypno-Line. I challenge you to put it down. I bet you can’t!

While it’s not as portable as other fidget toys, kids can transform the box into a retro holder to put their HypnoGizmo on display. But what’s great about this toy is there are many different ways to design it. It’s not just a one-use toy. Kids can unstring HypnoGizmo and build it all over again, incorporating different colors, string patterns and beads. Kids can also find design ideas and tutorials on the HypnoGizmo website.  

Are you hyped? Excuse me while I stop typing so I can pick mine up and keep playing!





Manufacturer: KAHOOTZ
MSRP: $14.99

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