I believe that everyone, at one point, went through a “bow-and-arrow” phase as a kid. It’s fun to pretend that you’ve traveled back in time to humanity’s hunter-gatherer days in the great outdoors. Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than setting your eyes on a target, pulling back a bowstring, and hearing the subsequent “thwap” sound of your foam arrow hitting the target or — in my case — an annoying younger sibling hiding in the bushes. 

If you’re looking for a toy that’ll encourage kids to get outside and experience the joy of aiming and shooting things (without hurting anyone), then Zing’s Hyperstrike Bow is the toy for older players and competitive souls. 

Zing’s Hyperstrike Bow is an attractive, sturdy piece of equipment that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The comfortable power grip — which is perfect for both righties and lefties — and lightweight body mean that archers of all ages will find it easy to hold and shoot the Hyperstrike Bow. What’s great about the weight of the bow is that it’s perfectly balanced. It isn’t too heavy, but it also isn’t so light that it’s easily tossed around. The bow feels powerful as soon as you hold it. Check out the video below to see it in action.

On top of the comfortable grip and power, the bow’s colors are what sell the toy as an attractive object that you’ll want to hold. The Hyperstrike comes in two colors: orange carbon and green camo. The orange carbon bow is adorned with Hyperstrike decals and is wrapped in a gray, white, and black pattern that accentuates the orange elastic strings. The green camo bow, on the other hand, is wrapped in a traditional camo pattern with electric green strings for an added pop of color. 

Hyperstrike bows utilize a bungee-powered, “loop-and-launch” mechanism that allows an arrow to be launched up to 250 feet. Each arrow fits easily into the bow and users can easily pull back the bungee strings for action. The arrows can travel up to 133 feet per second, making them quick and easy to shoot. Don’t worry about the speed, though. The foam padding on each arrow softens the blow, so no one gets hurt by shots no matter the distance or speed. The arrows soften incoming projectiles and also alert you when they’re launched thanks to whistle technology, so at least you won’t be surprised when an arrow goes flying.

Zing’s Hyperstrike Bow is a well-made toy that is meant for mature audiences, not for younger players. It isn’t dangerous and wasn’t built with an intention to harm, but it also isn’t designed for kids younger than 14 years old. Remember to be safe and have fun in the great unknown (or your backyard).