It’s sometimes a real struggle to find a compact game that the entire family can enjoy when you’re packing up the car (or running to catch a plane, or hoping the train you’re supposed to be on didn’t leave yet) for vacation. It’d be great to bring a whole bunch of things to keep your kids—and, let’s face it, sometimes you—entertained while away from home, but with the seemingly millions of suitcases already filling up your trunk, it can be tough. Moose Toys has the solution with Hyper Toss, a great travel game that’s part Simon, part Bop-It!, and all fast-paced fun.

Hyper Toss is perfect for trips of all kinds, because it’s not only a travel game, but an active game as well. This fast-catching game challenges kids to follow the lights and sounds by tossing and catching the ball, keeping them moving. The game comes with the handheld ring with the three cups attached, and the ball to toss and catch. The ball is soft and bean-bag-ish, kind of like a hacky sack, meaning if it drops on your foot—or your head—it won’t hurt.

Hyper Toss comes with four built-in game modes, so that kids aren’t always playing the exact same game. In Memory Toss, players have to recall the sequence, like in a game of Simon. In Hyper Toss mode, they compete to be the player that catches 15 tosses at the fastest speed. In Super Toss, players can progress through levels to become a tossing master, and in Freestyle mode, kids can get creative and make up their own games.

This game can be played solo, or with other players. Kids can play to beat their own scores and set new records, or challenge their friends in the different modes of play. While the gameplay in each mode is easy enough to understand, it takes a bit of practice for you to really get the nuance it takes to catch the ball in the different colored cups. Players—like me—may have to be a bit patient as they learn the right flick of the wrist to be successful.

Hyper Toss is great for summer travel because the whole family will love getting in on the fun. It’s recommended for kids ages 6 and up, but that doesn’t mean older kids—and adults—won’t be challenged by the different games.