Hūsker Dū, from Winning Moves, is the classic, picture-matching, memory game that is back for a new generation of kids to enjoy. The game first came out in the 1950s, and the phrase “husker du?” (pronounced who-skur-do) is Danish for “do you remember?” — something kids say while trying to remember where pictures are on the gameboard. 

The game is designed for two to four players ages 4 and up, although kids might outwit their parents while playing this no-reading-required game. It is updated with new illustrations and a new game platform. Kids will easily recognize the images of everyday objects and animals they will need to match, including a dog, a rabbit, a flower, a school bus, a house, a tree, and more. 

Husker Du

Kids can easily set up the game by filling each circle on the gameboard with each of the 36 plastic blue pegs. Before starting, kids turn the wheel clockwise on the side of the board to line up the arrows, which turns the pictures underneath the pegs on the gameboard, creating a fresh game configuration. There are 18 different positions the picture wheel can turn, providing a “new” gameboard each time the game is played. 

To play, kids take turns trying to make correct matches. First, a player randomly removes two pegs at a time. If both pictures underneath match, then the player keeps the pegs and continues the turn by removing two more pegs at a time until they no longer make a match. Gameplay continues to the next player, and everyone takes turns until all of the pictures on the gameboard have been uncovered. 

At the end of the game, kids count their pegs and whoever has the most pegs wins. The seemingly simple game challenges kids’ memory and matching skills, which is what makes Hūsker Dū a family favorite. Younger kids learn to practice taking turns through fun and competitive gameplay, while older kids and adults put their memory skills to the test.