Hugzies, from DEMDACO, is an adorable line of plush friends that hug kids back. Hugzies’ creative design features long, bean-weighted arms, a soft body, short little legs, and a friendly face that is turned to allow kids to enjoy some serious snuggles. When kids place the animals’ arms around their neck, the bean weight keeps them in place, so kids can hang out with them hands-free or simply enjoy the feeling of their Hugzies’ embraces. The rest of the body is so lightweight that it doesn’t compete with the heavier paws by tugging each other back and forth. Kids can also turn Hugzie around and give him a piggyback ride as he hangs on to the child’s shoulders.

Hugzies.BearHugzies are available in 12 styles: a bear, a fox, a monkey, an elephant, a pig, a cow, a cat, a tiger, a hippopotamus, a lion, a puppy, and a frog. I love the way Hugzies’ arms gradually get bigger toward the paws, emphasizing their cute paw prints and encouraging little ones to hold their hands. The fur is made of a super soft material that has a sweet, snuggly look, and Hugzie’s face is simple yet inviting, with two close-together small black eyes, a big round nose, and a smile.