Goal: $30,000
Funding Period: Until May 16
Stretch Goal: $75,000-$100,000
Creator: Xyla Foxlin

Parihug, or Pari, is a special stuffed animal that can connect people from anywhere in the world. When one Pari is hugged, another Pari that it is in touch with via Bluetooth and Wifi will begin to vibrate, allowing two people to know when they’re close to each other. Loved ones can essentially send each other wireless hugs through a Pari. The goal for Parihug is to keep loved ones close, even across far distances, with an action as simple and loving as a hug.

Parihugs can be connected to multiple other Parihugs at once with a wireless smartphone connection. Users can see where a Pari is in the world and choose which Pari will receive a hug using the free app. All Parihugs have a concealed zipper that adults can remove the electronics inside, making cleaning a Pari in the laundry worry-free.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $3000, and prizes include a novelty Pari Luggage Tag, a Little Pari (a smaller non-electronic version of a Parihug), up to four Parihugs, and even Parihugs with clothing and custom embroideries. If the campaign reaches its $75,000 stretch goal, backers can receive an exclusive camo Pari for loved ones serving overseas. If it reaches its $100,000 goal, then Parihugs will come in different colors.

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