Have you ever heard of a plush that hugs you back?

Hug-A-Pet Jumbo Plush, from Jazwares, are 2-foot-long stuffed animals that are made from super-soft, high-quality material. This toy expert did some serious testing with these plush, and I can đź’Ż confirm that they offer several perfect positions for snugs and hugs for the best night of sleep, a car ride, or to just hang out. Tl;dr they mimic that feeling of not wanting to get out of bed in the morning because you are so comfortable.

Made for kids of all ages, Hug-A-Pets are specifically designed to give you that warm hug feeling. On top of being gigantic, they also feature a pouch in their bellies for you to slide your hands through for cozy cuddles. They also have a hidden pocket, so kids can hide their treasures, such as collectibles and allowance money. Pro tip: Slide one arm through, rest your head on it, and then you have the perfect position for optimal comfort, like reading or browsing your phone.

There are several designs available, including a spotted dog, a magical narwhal, a cuddly unicorn, a friendly shark, and a cute dinosaur. They each have lovable features, such as embroidered details, eyes with stars in them, and super sparkly horns for the unicorn and narwhal. Each Hug-A-Pet also includes a label for kids to personalize and name their pets.

Parents, don’t worry: Since your kids will probably want to take their Hug-A-Pets everywhere, they might need some quality time in the wash. These plush are designed to be easy to clean, so one trip to the laundry room will leave them feeling brand-new.

Hug-A-Pets cuddle when you snuggle, and they’re perfect for traveling, sleepovers, car trips, or any adventure kids have in store.