As parents, we have many lessons to teach our children. One that I’ve made a point to work on with my kids is the art of a “thank you” note. It’s important to instill this in our children from an early age. As a result, sending “thank you” notes will become second nature, and I’ve got some tips to make it easier for everyone.

I have taught my kids about minding their manners and saying “please” and “thank you,” but I don’t want them to lose how important a written thank you note can be. I find these especially important after a birthday party. However, we’re also learning that when someone does something nice or goes above and beyond in some way, a small note of gratitude is greatly appreciated.


Simple is Sweet

Thank you notes or cards are personal to the person making them and the person receiving them. It’s not a generic card you can just pick up and sign. It’s special and unique in one way or another. When kids are young, have them draw a picture or attempt to write “thank you” themselves with some help from you. As they get older and learn to write; a simple sentence and signing their name is just the right touch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful card or a piece of construction paper. The thought and time to create it is what’s important. Especially when sent to a family member, these little notes of gratitude can even become keepsakes for years to come.

Keep It Fun

Sometimes it can be a chore to write thank you notes, especially after birthdays when there are lots of new toys and goodies in the house to distract kids. So, take things a few at a time, and make it more of an art project than an obligatory task. I also like giving my kids some guidelines in what to write: thank your friends for attending and helping you celebrate your special day. If a gift was received, they can mention why they liked it.

Take Time to Thank

In addition to birthdays or other special milestones, it’s also important to thank people in your everyday lives for their time, especially teachers. They work hard to make learning fun and kids truly do look up to them and appreciate them. I know my kids love when they get a note from their teacher, so we’re working to give little notes of thanks back.

A thank you note is something that shows you’ve taken the time to sit down and think about the person and what they have done in a positive light. It should bring a smile to both the writer and receiver. Hopefully down the road when my kids are older, they’ll write me a thank you for teaching them this life skill ?.