Sure, personalized gifts are thoughtful, but it can be just as much fun to put the kids in the driver’s seat and let them choose their own adventure with a gift card or two.

One exciting way to spend those gift cards is to pool all the cards together and splurge on one big gift you might not otherwise be able to get, such as a jumbo ride-on or a life-sized play set. And sometimes it’s just as thrilling to finish off the remainder of a card with some inexpensive goodies, like blind-bag squishy toys to start or add to a collection. Here are the best suggestions on how to use those gift cards while the post-holiday sales are still in effect.

Unicorn 6V Plush Ride-On (DynaCraft)

Unicorns do exist, and kids can give one a brand new home with this dreamy unicorn ride-on that glides along at a speed of 2.5 MPH. It’s extra as can be, with all the detailing of a real unicorn, including a light-up horn, a candy-colored mane, and “realistic” unicorn sounds (you know, just like at the zoo). It also has its own play stable to keep it nice and cozy when the kids decide to give it a rest and charge it up. It’s the perfect wish list item to make a reality with the help of a gift card. And if your kid is a little more down to Earth, DynaCraft also makes a tan pony version. Giddy-up!

Peppa Pig Little Kitchen Set (Jazwares)

Please pass the salt, and don’t forget the Peppa! Kids can put on their chef hats and cook up a feast alongside their favorite sassy piglet, Peppa Pig. This kitchen play set stands 37 inches tall so little ones can literally walk right into Peppa’s kitchen from the show, featuring a teakettle that whistles, a frying pan that sizzles, a light-up oven, and a faucet that makes water sounds. No detail is left forgotten, with a ton of play accessories included, such as baking trays, oven mitts, cookies, and cupcakes. Let’s pig out!

Crayola Color Wonder Light Brush (Crayola)

Kids can live out their wizarding fantasies with this magical light brush in place of a wand, because both have basically the same mystical powers. When kids dip the brush into the translucent gels, the brush bristles will light up with a color that can be painted onto the special Color Wonder paper. Any kid would be more than happy to snatch this up, and parents will be thrilled as well because the clear Color Wonder paint only works on the special paper—meaning no color on carpet, walls, or furniture. It’s like magic!

Squish-Dee-Lish (Jakks Pacific)

These slow-rise squishies are addicting to squeeze, and even more addicting to collect. They come in blind foil bags so kids don’t know which ones they’re getting until they open them, and there are dozens of designs to collect in each series, including animal-food hybrids such as panda pancakes, and Shopkins characters such as smiley-faced sushi. Kids can load up on them at under $10 a pop, or just use them as an excuse to round off the end of that gift card. You can’t resist the squish!

Powder Squishy Like Slime by Compound Kings (WeCool)

Slime is always a surefire slam-dunk, and this DIY kit couldn’t be any easier to make. All kids have to do is empty the included powder packets right into the container, add water, and shake it all up. The result is more than a pound of super-stretchy gooey, gunky, squishy slime with a neat built-in container to store it in. It’s a simple way to finish the last of the holiday gift cards with a super slimy high five.