This game doesn’t have time for turn taking.

University Games‘ House of Boing is a full-throttle party game that challenges kids ages 12 and up to quickly bounce colorful balls into a wacky house. The game includes 20 colored balls, a disassembled house unit, and an instruction sheet.

To start, players must first construct the House of Boing using the included base, roof, windows, posts, and pyramid. Setup is painless and requires no extra hardware or tools. Kids can even break down the unit in minutes and pack it back in the box for travel.The House of Boing is not your typical abode. It features a total of four transparent sides and windows, each with a giant hole in the center. The roof is essentially a funnel; a skylight that’s ready to receive and drop balls into the house’s far-from-flat center. Inside, rests a large pyramid that will come into play later.

To begin, each player picks a side of the house and chooses four balls of the same color to put in their room. The “rooms” are simply white platforms with gateways to the center of the house. There’s a pivoting door at the ground level, and a hole in the window a bit higher up.

Before the game kicks off, all players must make sure their pivoting door is open. At the shout of “Boing”, players must frantically bounce their balls into the unit though either the window of the side facing them, or into the skylight hole at the top of the House of Boing. As the balls enter the center of the house, they’ll bounce relentlessly against the pyramid, inevitably rolling into other players’ rooms. The goal is simple: Be the first player to rid your house of balls and shut your pivoting door.As you might imagine, House of Boing is fast-paced fun that tests kids’ speed and dexterity. And when kids can’t gather enough friends for a four-player match, they can use the included ball blockers to close off opposite rooms and enjoy a two or three-player game.

The included instruction sheet also lists 10 additional ways kids can experience House of Boing, so players can experiment and enjoy various game types.

House of Boing will be available this August.