Some people might say that bigger isn’t always better, but I happen to think those people don’t always know what they’re talking about.

When it comes to a lot of things in life, bigger is the absolute best! One of those things? Cars. And the garage you will need to put those big cars in. An ultimate garage, you could say.

Lucky for us, an ultimate garage has arrived, and it’s out to prove that bigger is definitely better.

The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, from Mattel, is the perfect toy set for any kid with a love of fast cars and a wild sense of adventure. With 36 spaces to park their favorite Hot Wheels vehicles and plenty of winding racetracks to zoom them around, this set is the largest Hot Wheels garage ever made, and that means that this set is absolutely huge. The Garage will take up an entire corner of the playroom and has more than enough features to keep kids interested for hours. This is certainly the kind of set that kids will love and return to for years to come.

The set comes with five Hot Wheels cars and a helicopter, ready to launch from the helipad when the fire engine bell sounds and lights up. A ferocious shark with a taste for steel waits at the bottom of a spiral track. Fast cars will jump off a ramp through the shark’s sharp teeth. If a car is too slow and gets caught by the shark, there is no need to worry—just send it over to the built-in tune-up shop to get everything looking shiny and as good as new. A gas station and two car elevators are also built in to the Ultimate Garage’s city scene.

One of my favorite aspects of the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage is that it is compatible with other Hot Wheels sets, so your child can build the racetracks even bigger if they own other sets.

The Garage comes completely disassembled and took me about an hour of concentrated building time to construct. With many parts and a large sheet of stickers to decorate the set, assembly still moves smoothly thanks to the clear and easy-to-follow directions. Younger kids will certainly need help from a parent to construct the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage—the set is aimed toward kids ages 5 and up—but building the set would be a great way to teach kids problem solving and precision skills and help hone their ability to follow directions.

Overall, this is the perfect set for any kid who loves playing with Hot Wheels. It’s big, fun, and full of special features that so many kids will love.