When I saw “super ultimate” in the title of this Hot Wheels set, I got a little suspicious. I thought of how every pizza place in NYC claims they have the best slice or how every coffee shop deems their brew superior. It made me think—what could Hot Wheels design that would be worthy of having “super ultimate” wedged into the title? They’ve already wowed us this year with the Hot Wheels Sky Shock and Hot Wheels Flipping Furytwo very super ultimate toys in our opinion, yet granted humble titles. It made me wonder what I’d be in for. Would this garage change my life? 

All I can say upon opening the box is WOW. This play set is huge and certainly super ultimate.

Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage, from Mattel, is the paramount of all toy car garages. For starters, there is a gorilla (A GORILLA!!!) included in this set that rides up and down a motorized spiral elevator. Kids can place their Hot Wheel cars on the spiral elevator, which requires four D batteries to operate and can hold up to 23 cars, for a whirly never-before-seen riding experience.  

But wait, the mighty gorilla attached to the elevator is smashing and knocking cars off as he scales up and down. What a SAVAGE. Will all the cars be able to make it out safe? He’s gone wild. I must admit, while I don’t know what prompted a gorilla to be apart of this garage set, it is an exciting touch that offers children endless storytelling and imaginative play possibilities.

The super ultimate garage includes three levels of garage, a car wash on the fourth level, and a penthouse on the top level. Also, the ground level includes a diner and a gas station for both tummy fuel and engine fuel.  Besides the elevator, a lengthy, and windy orange ramp is included so kids can really race their cars down from the top to bottom level. Excuse me, but can this be replicated IRL? But sans the destructive gorilla, please.

The set comes with four cars and an airplane included. Kids can launch the airplane, which can hold two cars, off from the penthouse level for an exhilarating ride. In total, the garage holds up to 140 cars. Granted, I’m sure none of us want 140 tiny cars roaming our playroom, but if you have a Hot Wheels collector(s) on your hands, this set could be a worthwhile investment and a neat toy for the kids to showcase their sick rides.

The only downside is that building this complex garage can be a bit of a challenge, and we suggest that for kids under 12, you assist them in the building process. When built, the garage stands 3 feet tall, so make sure you have ample space, and well… don’t forget to watch out for the GORILLA.