If you were a monster truck, what would your theme song be?

Mattel and Warner Music Group’s Art Music division announced the release of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks — Smash Hits today.

The album features 13 songs, including the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live theme song, “Go Big! Go Hot Wheels!” as well as themed songs to match each monster truck featured in the live arena tour. Here is the full track listing:

  1. “Go Big! Go Hot Wheels! (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE Theme Song)”
  2. “Here Comes the Crush! (Bigfoot Theme Song)”
  3.  “Challenge Accepted! (Race Ace Theme Song)”
  4. “Live Fast. Crush Hard. (Demo Derby Theme Song)”
  5. “Fear the Frenzy! (Tiger Shark Theme Song)”
  6. “Thrash and Smash! (Bone Shaker Theme Song)”
  7.  “Bringin’ the Heat! (HW 5 Alarm Theme Song)”
  8. “Smash and Roar! (Mega Wrex Theme Song)”
  9. “Droppin’ Like a Bomb (V8 Bomber Theme Song)”
  10. “Ready, Set, Go! (Hot Wheels Racing #1 Theme Song)”
  11. “No Guts No Glory (FMX Theme Song)”
  12. “Jaws and Claws (Megasaurus Theme Song)”
  13. “Crushing It (Hot Wheels Monster Trucks LIVE: Crushing It! Theme Song)”

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The music will be featured in Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live, a 10-stop U.S. arena tour that begins on Sept. 18 and runs through November. At the shows, fans can watch full-size versions of their favorite Hot Wheels monster truck toys, including three new trucks. Rebecca Schnell will be there as the first woman to join the tour, driving the new Midwest Madness, a collaboration between Hot Wheels and Bigfoot. The other new trucks include Race Ace, featuring a Hot Wheels flame design, and Mega Wrex with a 12-foot dinosaur design.

This is the first time the Hot Wheels brand has released an album of original music, available now for digital download and on streaming outlets.