Hot Wheel Design Shop Drives Style Home

Finally, there’s Hot Wheels merch designed for cool moms (and dads).

The Hot Wheels Design Shop is a collection “recognizing the intersection of car culture and streetwear” and featuring monthly drops of limited-edition merch. Currently, only adult sizes are available, so this collection is primarily for teens and adults who still love toy cars (isn’t that all of us?). There is a hat in this month’s collection, though, which even younger fans can enjoy.

Each piece of apparel is designed in the streetwear style, which tends to value both fashion and comfort. Car people and fashionistas alike can note the affordability of the collection, which is lower than some other streetwear lines at about $20-60. Originally, the collection featured higher prices, but Hot Wheels lowered them following fan feedback. Those who ordered before the price drop will be refunded the difference.

At this time, most items are still up for grabs, but once items sell out they’re gone. However, Hot Wheels will add new items to the site on a monthly basis. Check out the store here!

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