Whoa! Every horseback rider needs to take a rest sometimes, and the perfect place to do so is at the Schleich Horse Club Rider Cafe.

This playset, designed for kids ages 5 and up, is a detailed, miniature cafe tailored to horse lovers. Among the set’s 66 pieces are not only coffeehouse staples, such as pastries and a cappuccino machine, but also a place to hitch horses out front, a feeding trough, and a horse figure.

Perfect for any kid who loves horses and pretend play, the set is incredibly detailed and comes with tons of accessories, including tables, chairs, an oven that opens, a price board, and so much more. The set does include two human figures — one rider (Emily) in a permanent seated position, and one barista (Tom) who can bend at the waist. Both figures have articulated arms and hands that are sculpted to be able to hold various accessories.

The included figures (of both the horse and animal variety) mean that this set functions well as a single toy. However, it is also part of Scheich’s extensive Horse Club collection. This means it can be part of a much larger, horse-centric ecosystem of playsets and figures — including a mobile vet, a riding center, a horse show arena, and more. The Horse Club sets have a story behind them, too, which kids can discover at horseclub.com or in the Horse Club app ($3.99).

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One note for parents: The set does require some assembly before it is ready for cafe customers. Older kids may be able to follow the steps themselves, but younger kids will need an adult’s help to snap the pieces together correctly and apply the stickers. Overall, the process should take about 30 minutes. As mentioned, one of the set’s strengths is the number of accessories it includes. Some of these are fairly small, so consider holding on to the box or designating a different container for storing the pieces after playtime is over.

Any horse lover will find significant play value in the Rider Cafe set — enjoy the ride!