Ever wonder what it’s like to transport a horse to a new stall? Thanks to Schleich, kids can experience the equestrian life and create their own narrative with the Horse Club Pick Up Truck and Trailer.

The story begins with beautiful Friesian mare Raja and her groomer, Betty. With the help of a pick-up truck and its male driver, left unnamed for your child to think one up—let’s call him Bob—Raja will board the horse trailer and be towed away by Bob’s truck. Where is she going? That’s all up to your little equestrian!

The set includes: Raja the horse, Betty the groomer plus an additional figure, a pick-up truck, a blanket, a headstall, a carrot if Raja gets hungry, a blue grooming brush, a blue harness, a leisure saddle, a bridle, and a hay bale. None of the figures are bendable except for Bob, who can slightly bend his legs to fit in the truck. Sadly, you can’t place Betty or Bob on Raja for a quick horseback ride, yet the figures make up for their lack of flexibility with their very detailed appearances, including defined muscles, facial expressions, and textured hair.

I’ve basically been a city girl my whole life, so I was pretty excited to play with a set that didn’t involve model taxi cabs and skyscraper buildings. Assembly was quick and easy. All pieces snap on and colorful stickers are included to decorate the trailer.

I snapped on the wheels of the tow truck and attached the horse trailer to it and was amazed how well the wheels worked. They were not stiff at all and allowed me to tow the horse trailer all around the office. The horse trailer was very spacious, so l let Betty ride along. However, additional horses can be purchased to accompany Raja. Also, the roof is detachable if Raja needs some air (which she did) so I easily snapped it off. I decided to head to the kitchen with Raja and let her move in there.

As the set is strictly a horse pick-up truck and trailer, it fosters imaginative play for children. It sets the scene for children that today is move-in day and Raja will be moved to a new home using this pick up truck and trailer. After placing Raja in the horse trailer and going for a ride, where will kids decide to move her? Will they designate a new horse stall for Raja? The set leaves some open-ended questions for kids.

This set enables your child to have some structured play in setting up the pick-up truck and horse trailer, followed by some imaginative unstructured play in where to house Raja.