Netflix has taken on the streaming rights for Horrid Henry’s latest movie. The feature will premiere in the UK on Sept. 17 and globally later this year.

The special will feature the original cast from the cartoon starring a kid prankster and will welcome the new characters Gross Class Zero superheroes, the Evil Emperor, and his twins Darius and Drusilla Drek.

In Horrid Henry’s Gross Day Out — from Novel Entertainment — the known universe is in danger. Henry joins up with his favorite TV characters the grossers and together they must “snot, bogey, fart, burp, and zitgoo” their way towards saving everyone. Watch the trailer below to see them in action … kind of.

Kids who love Henry’s gross antics will be happy to know that this is just the first in a series of hour-long Horrid Henry specials. For even more “horrid” content, kids can practice their science with Soggy Sid here.