Get ready for super slimy surprises at our #SLIMYGLOOP Twitter party, sponsored by Horizon Group USA, on Friday, Feb. 1 from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. EST. Join us for an hour full of fun, trivia, and giveaways as you learn more about Horizon’s line of SLIMYGLOOP products! During the party, you’ll get to learn all about the slime-filled products, and even have a chance to win some of them! Check them out below, or read our review!


These kits include the simple ingredients kids need to create their own SLIMYGLOOP, a stretchy compound they can squish, squeeze, poke, and twist. The kits come in six themes, including Bubble Pop, Fluffy Cloud and more! The kits each come with additional components kids can add to their SLIMYGLOOP—such as gems, water beads, instant snow, or scented drops—to match the theme.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $5




These kits combine the fun of slime-making with less mess. Each kit comes with one or two colors of pre-made SLIMYGLOOP and three different embellishments kids can mix in, such as beads, sparkles, and plastic figures. The kits come in a variety of themes, including Tropical Punch, Cotton Candy, Sweet Shoppe, Cupcake Celebration, Birthday Cake, and Shark Attack.
Ages: 3+
MSRP: $4.99 – $6.99




Kids can make stackable, squishy sandwiches with these sets, which come with play food pieces, pre-made SLIMYGLOOP, and embellishments. The sandwiches come in themes including Rainbow Waffle, Sneeze Burger, and Unicorn Pizza.
Ages: 6+
MSRP: $5


Four lucky winners will win a Make Your Own SLIMYGLOOP kit, a SLIMYGLOOP Mix’EMS kit, and a SLIMYGLOOP SqueezWiches kit! One grand prize winner will win TWO of each.

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*You MUST RSVP AND participate in the Twitter Party to be eligible to win! Open to U.S. residents only!*