Hopster, the preschool learning and entertainment app, introduces its new digital playroom, Sense, designed to help kids develop essential sensory processing skills. Sense offers a multi-sensory experience that aims to strike a balance between relaxation and play for kids. Launching on World Autism Awareness Day, Hopster hopes that Sense will bring these essential sensory skills to kids with autism for a learning experience that meets their needs.

Sense includes nine screens that are made of up various textures and feature different sights and sounds that kids can interact with by performing multi-finger and touch interactions. The playroom provides a relaxing place for kids to be engaged, while allowing them to freely explore lights, textures, sounds, and movement with very little restriction. All of the combinations of lights, sounds, music, colors, and textures gradually shift when they change, so the shift is calm instead of abrupt.

Hopster used user testing and worked alongside parents and special educational needs teachers to develop the experience kids receive when using Sense. The nine screens are available in both a bright and a pastel color palette, in order to be accessible to a wider audience and a range of moods. The nine screens feature calming imagery, such as floating bubbles that change color, paint splatters that kids can create, and rippling water. Each screen is free play, and kids can make different discoveries as they move through them.

To access Hopster‘s Sense, simply download the app and the playroom will appear in Hopster’s special themed area that will bring together shows and games that celebrate diversity. In addition to Sense, Hopster will feature shows in this area that are designed to help kids understand more about accepting differences and diversity.