Hookum Home

Tabletop games can liven up any gathering, and that applies to more than just play dates between the little ones. Whether you’re getting the family together for a holiday, or having some friends over for dinner, it’s great to have a few fast-paced games on hand to keep everyone having fun.

Hookum is a four-player, tabletop ring game that challenges players ages 5 and up to strategically swing a ring hanging on a string and get it to latch onto a hook. This four-sided pillar features one ring and hook on each side, so each player can easily claim a quadrant around a table.

The Hookum tower comes pre-assembled, so kids, teens, and even parents can get playing right out of the box. Players must frantically duke it out to try to get the ring onto the hook first. The gameplay is so simple, but hooking is difficult to master. In our four-player race, it took us about 15 minutes before anyone finally got the ring on the hook. But as with all things, practice makes perfect.

Players may also learn a thing or two about physics along the way, as they attempt to time their release perfectly in order to get the ring to swing at just the right arc. It’s surprisingly exciting (and high-key stressful) as players race to be the first to make the hook!

The rules include a few variations of game play, and with such a simple premise, kids and adults can add in their own fun twists to bring even more excitement to the table.

Once playtime comes to a close, the entire tower collapses in two simple moves, perfect for easy storage.

Though safe for kids ages 5 and up, Hookum’s sleek, sophisticated design makes it perfect for an older audience. So start swinging and get hooked at your next holiday, party, or family gathering.