Tiny heads, big hearts. That’s the motto of the Tiny Headed Kingdom, a line of plush animals with adorable tiny heads.

Honeythunder, a 15-inch, pink unicorn is the latest addition to the family, joining seven other animal characters, including a panda, a tiger, a sloth, a bear, an elephant, a lion, and a fox.

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The idea behind the Tiny Headed Kingdom is that it’s fun to be different and that no one should ever change, hide, or pretend to be someone they’re not. In the kingdom, everyone gets to be different together. Each of the tiny headed animals is quirky and huggable in its own way and they all accept each other for who they are, promoting inclusivity and all-around good vibes.

Honeythunder is full of magic. One day, they even turned an empty paper towel roll into a telescope. When they looked through it, suddenly they could see the very best in everyone. Visit tinyheadedkingdom.com to take one home today!