The Sunflower Country Cottage | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment

Sometimes we all long for a simple, sweet escape, and that’s exactly what kids will find in the oh-so-adorable Honey Bee Acres Sunflower Country Cottage playset from Sunny Days Entertainment.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this set is part of a larger, new series of dollhouses, playsets, and figures that make up the idyllic world of Honey Bee Acres. Overall, this toy line features 37 unique animal characters and a variety of sets that make up their world.

The inside of the Sunflower Country Cottage | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment

The Sunflower Country Cottage is a two-story home that comes with 17 pieces in total, including a chair, a bed, a toy box, toys, a table, and a teacup with a saucer. The star of this set, however, is Cousin Chloe, a posable, fuzzy cat figure who comes in an adorable (and removable) floral dress.

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The best thing about this set is that it functions well on its own, right out of the box. (Three words we all love to hear: No assembly required!) With the many accessories and the included figure, kids will find plenty of imaginative play potential. Kids can sit Cousin Chloe by the fire with her tea, tuck her into bed, put away the toys, or even redecorate by moving the flower box to the upstairs window. The cottage is packed with great details, including fun wallpaper in an alcove on the second level and a textured fireplace that looks like stone. The house stands about 11 inches tall, which means it is a great size for families who are looking for a dollhouse that doesn’t take up too much room.

But if you are looking to make a splash, the set is — as previously mentioned — part of a larger collection of Honey Bee Acres toys. Whether you add a surprise baby figure for Cousin Chloe to take care of in her cottage or create an entire Honey Bee Acres town with the van, farmhouse, general store, and more, the cottage can become part of a larger play experience in a great way.

Either alone or as part of a larger Honey Bee Acres set-up, this cottage encourages imaginative play and looks adorable while doing it! The cottage and all other Honey Bee Acres items are available to shop exclusively at Walmart and!