Heading into week two of COVID-19 school-related closures, many families are starting to realize the new norm of their kids’ new homeschooled lifestyle. The first week may have been fun for the kids with an unexpected ‘vacation,’ but now the reality has set in, the Google Classroom curriculum has been shared, and the vacation excitement has fizzled out.

In our house, we have always lived with calendars, and every morning we preview our day. We live by this system to make sure that every member of the family knows what to expect each day. This need is now more essential than ever.

Our homes have become physical education spaces, art studios, dance classes, and academic workshops. With everything falling on parents’ shoulders and in our homes, we have to keep things structured. Whether it is to make sure the computer is available for each child, or the kitchen table gets cleared from science to Spanish, it is necessary to post schedules. Many parents are also worried that they will fail as parent educators! Are we doing enough math? Should we be doing a writing workshop?

Check out these printable calendars below to help your family during this time. Use them as-is, print them for inspiration, or check out my post here for a blank version to fill out your custom calendar times, including a fun theme week printable. Alternatively, check out our tips for creating homeschool spaces in this post. Or how to juggle homeschooling and working at the same time in this post. All in all, just do your best. Take it day by day. Read some other Toy Insider Parent posts to help you too. We are in this together!