Kids and adults of all ages are still glued to their iPhones and tablets, spending hours crushing candy and surfing through the subways. Though they seem simple, puzzle games help kids with critical thinking, matching, colors, and logic. Best of all? Now kids can incorporate their favorite—or soon-to-be favorite—characters into these games, thanks to independent developers such as Behaviour Interactive and DreamWorks Studios.

Home_BoovPop_ScreenShotHome: Boov Pop! is the official puzzle game based on DreamWorks Animation’s new 3-D comedy adventure Home, set to hit theaters on Friday, March 27. The movie centers on Oh, an alien misfit who lands on Earth and forms an unlikely friendship with a girl named Tip. Similarly, the mobile game features Oh, Tip, and Captain Smek.

Players are challenged to match three or more bubbles of the same color together by sliding a finger across the screen. Each level presents a new challenge, asking players to collect a certain number of bubbles, reach a high score, or free the baby Boovlets. A cute, color-changing Oh stands brightly in the corner of the screen while kids play and advance through the levels. Kids can earn power-up gifts, unlock special abilities, and more. The game even gives kids encouraging messages as they play, including vibrant splashes of positivity, such as “You’re a superstar!”

The 3-D graphics and game board reflect the film, adding an exciting element to the puzzle game that will get kids eager to see the movie, or let them engage with their new favorite characters after they see it. And, like most of the puzzle games in the last few years, it’s seriously addicting. But parents can rest assured that the content is completely kid-safe and engaging. Home: Boov Pop! is currently available to download for free on iOS devices.

Check out a trailer for the game here: