The blue-haired, British heroine Hilda is back for season two of her hit animated Netflix series in December.

The first season of the Canadian cartoon series debuted in September of 2018 and the second season will continue with 13, 22-minute episodes. In the new season, rambunctious Hilda will journey through a magical world filled with mysterious and spooky creatures, and this time, her mum even comes along on some of her wild adventures. 

With the new season comes new merch! GUND released a plush accessory line featuring Hilda and other adorable critters from the series. Fans can also purchase mittens, a pencil case, or a backpack version of Hida’s trusty pet deer-fox, Twig. This line is available hereFor older readers, Flying Eye Books is offering three novelizations of Hilda’s adventures that tie into season two, available here.  If that wasn’t enough already, Spin Master has announced the first-ever Hilda board game, launching in the summer.

Tune in to season two of Hilda on Netflix on Dec. 14, and start adding the new products to your wishlist now!