Hilda comes face to face with the legendary Mountain King. | Source: Silvergate Media

The last time we saw our favorite blue-haired heroine of the Hilda graphic novel series, she was stranded in troll country after transforming into a troll. For all of the fans of the Hilda series that were disappointed by the season two cliffhanger, their frustrations might finally be put to rest.

Silvergate Media is gearing up for the release of an 80-minute, animated special extension of the series inspired by the John McKinnon Hilda books. Hilda is making her cinematic debut in Hilda and the Mountain King.

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The film will pick up where season two left off, following Hilda on her quest to change back into her human form and reunite with her family and friends. Along the way, Hilda dives deeper into troll culture, getting to know their costumes, cuisine, and mythology. With Trolberg on the brink of a full-blown war, time is Hilda’s worst enemy on her journey back home.

Grab a blanket and some popcorn, Hilda fans, because the animated special will stream exclusively on Netflix starting on Dec. 30.