How many times have you heard a woman count her husband as an additional child in her life? (Sorry guys, but it’s true!) Well, all children—no matter how old—deserve toys, and Silverlit has the perfect gift for your not-so-little one this year. The Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is a great toy for any car fanatic. Kids (and adults) ages 8 and up can rev up and rock out with the interactive, Bluetooth-controlled R/C sports car. A high-tech twist on the traditional R/C toy, users can download the free iOS app and control speed and steering with an iDevice instead of a standard remote control. And, of course, what would such a fancy-pants sports car be without gullwing doors? Users can open the doors through their iDevice as well, and then use the car as a high-tech speaker system. The car accesses your iTunes library and streams the audio with great, clear sound—perfect for any professional to show off his or her new ride on a desk! Kids can also listen to their favorite tunes while driving the car as they stream right from their iDevice. The sleek black car features red interior and the iconic Mercedes emblem—both sure to make your big kid smile. Perfect for a car-lover or collector, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG is the latest in high-tech, newage R/Cs.