Hide ‘N Cheek is family fun for up to four players! | Source: Big G Creative

I’ve got a very important question for you: Are your chipmunk cheeks the chunkiest?

To win Hide ‘N Cheek, that’s exactly what you’ll need — and I’m not talking about the couple of quarantine pounds I’ve gained on my face since last year! Made for up to four players ages 6 and up, this game from Big G Creative is guaranteed family-friendly fun.

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The novelty of Hide ‘N Cheek is that players will suit up with their chipmunk masks (a very different mask that we’re all used to wearing by now, I might add), which will transform everyone to have oversized buck teeth, a black nose, and giant cheeks. Right off the bat, whether kids are playing with their friends or with their families, there will be tons of laughs as you scan around to see the cheerful, chubby cheeks that the other players are sporting.

Source: Big G Creative/the Toy Insider

After all players have officially transformed into a cherry woodland creature, everyone will take turns hiding acorns under logs, aka the orange cups. On each turn, all of the other players will lift the logs to gather those acorns and stuff them into their cheeks. But, if they happened to unearth a spoiled acorn, or the green one, then they will have to pay a penalty to the player who hid them in the form of their already collected acorns. When all acorns have run out, the player with the most acorns collected wins!

Each round takes about 20 minutes to play, and the gameplay is all luck, so you never know what the game will have in store. You might be the player who happens to be the only one who finds the green acorns, or you could be the one who always collects two acorns at a time! Watching the other players hoard their acorns and seeing their cheek masks getting progressively larger makes it so fun.

Hide ‘N Cheek is a nutty game of hunting and hoarding fun!