Goodbye under-a-table sheet forts, hello a new world of endless adventures and hours of fun.

Pacific Play Tents‘ Hide Me Tent and Tunnel Combo brings out the best in kids imaginations. In a world where smartphones are an extension of our own hands and speaking in 140 characters or less is not only accepted but encouraged, imaginative play remains as important as ever.

The tent features bright, bold primary colors and has a mesh window on each door with a roll-up door flap and Velcro closures. The windows are great for hot days to provide ventilation or fun “peek-a-boo” opportunities. Wherever this tent is set up is guaranteed to be the newest favorite spot of the entire house.

Because comfort is really important, Pacific Play Tents already has it covered. The tent features a padded interior for comfort and safety.

My favorite part about this tent is that it’s so versatile. It can be used outside or indoors, ensuring that all day is playtime. For more functionality, the tent and the 4-foot-long tunnel can be used separately. I can totally see kids making obstacle courses in their backyards—the possibilities are endless! The tent is also compatible with other Pacific Play Tents tunnels and tents, so kids can connect them to create a giant play space of awesomeness.

Although the tent and tunnel can withstand rough play, outdoor use, and spills, they are also washable and water-repellent, so they’re super easy to clean. (Can I get a sigh of relief from all the parents out there?!) Carpet stains and wet grass, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Set up is also a breeze. When I opened the box to put it together, I was honestly taken aback at how little I saw. The first thing I saw was the tunnel folded up and then a bag. I thought to myself, “How could something so tiny and compact become more than 8 feet long?” However, the bag contained the tent and its poles, and seeing it all folded up and compact made total sense! It’s perfect to take on-the-go and to set up and put away over and over again.

Both kids and parents will appreciate how much play value this tent has. And as Pacific Play Tents says, the only limit is kids’ own imaginations!