Source: HEXBUG/The Toy Insider

Ready for some really fast fun that also teaches?

One of the biggest problems when it comes to holiday toy shopping is finding something for the older kids on your list. It can be a sad thing as kids start to get older and age out of what we think of as “traditional” toys and maybe aren’t quite hitting the point of being into the collectibles and hobbyist toys. Fortunately, one company that’s helping to keep the fun rolling for the tween years and beyond is HEXBUG, and its new HEXMODS RC Tuner Cars are a fresh way to add some high-octane action to the house.

Geared toward kids ages 14 and up, the HEXMODS Pro Series Elite Raceway leads the pack as an ultimate ‘WOW’ gift — a set that reinvents what tuner cars can be.

This set comes with more than 150 pieces and includes everything that budding speed demons need to customize and mod an incredibly fast R/C ride — we’re talking speeds of up to 18mph from a small-scale, hobby-grade car! Kids can tweak and tune their ride for both style and performance, with options including custom hoods, bumpers, rear spoilers, engine covers, body skirts, and alternate rims. And what’s a tuner car without lights and graphics? This set comes with a lighting kit that features an LED underglow alongside working headlights and tail lights. On the performance front, this set includes alternate sets of tires, swappable suspensions, alternate steering linkage, and multiple gear configurations. Even the motor can be upgraded!

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The included 2.4 GHz remote control is a tool built for precision as kids cruise the house and master their skills with steering and speed. More than 20 feet of connectible barrier can be used to create custom, self-contained track layouts on just about any flat surface — but you’ll want to have some nice open space available. The car is rechargeable with the included battery and USB power cord, but three AAA batteries are required to power the remote.

Families can also extend the fun with additional HEXMODS RC Tuner Cars and accessories packs (sold separately) to take the spirit of racing to new and extreme levels. HEXBUG is even posting tutorial videos that show how new upgrades can be performed.

Our team at the Toy Insider loved this set so much that we included it in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. It combines play patterns by checking multiple boxes across vehicles and radio control, but it could also be considered a building set and a STEM toy that fosters exploration of how things work as concepts of physics and velocity unite with the competitive spirit of a good, old-fashioned race to the finish line!