Combine foosball with robots, and you’ve got the Robotic Soccer Arena from HEXBUG.

Made for kids ages 8 and up, the arena comes with everything kids need to set up a 27-by-18-inch soccer field. Younger kids may need an adult’s help getting the border pieces in properly, but the assembly doesn’t take much time overall. Once the field’s border and goals are in place, kids can use the two included R/C robots, remotes, and soccer ball to play a miniature game.

It is a bit hard to tell at first, but the front of the robot is the side with the scoop-like piece. Once kids get the hang of that, the small remotes are easy to use and great for small fingers. The robots’ scoops are magnetic, which allows them to hold on to the mini soccer ball as they move around the field. Kids can control the scoop with a button on the top of the remote: Push it once, and the scoop will move down, winding up. Push it again, and the scoop will release and “kick” the ball forward (and hopefully into the goal!).

The robots themselves are are customizable, with removable “caps” that change the player’s number and color. The set also includes reusable flag stickers from 42 different countries that go on the caps, so kids can rep their favorite real-life teams or recreate rivalries.

Just like when playing foosball, someone must take out the ball by hand and put in back in play each time a player scores. The robots cannot get into the goals, so they cannot retrieve the ball. Also, the robots may occasionally get stuck on the edge of the goals. Kids can fix this issue by moving the bot by hand, or they can use the front scoop to “kick,” which will push the bot back, off of the the ledge, and let them regain wheel traction.

Although this set only includes two robots, the field and remotes can accommodate up to four. Additional cars for the set are sold separately. This set has potential play value for a single player, but it is certainly best with two or more.

Perfect for anyone who loves soccer and STEM, this toy provides competitive, multiplayer fun.