Self-proclaimed daredevils, it’s time to prove your worth. Create the craziest courses that will result in all kinds of twists and tricks in order to prove you have what it takes to hang with the Nitro Circus gang.

The newest line of construction sets from HEXBUG takes inspiration from the epic TV series Nitro Circus, and merges it with its STEM-based building sets to create hours of thrilling fun. Kids can create ramps and courses, and send their favorite Nitro Circus personalities flying through the air. The line features Mr. Lathers, 10 Gallon Ted, Hairy Jerry, Boo Boo Giggles, and Moto Maddy for little daredevils to collect.

Once kids finish their creations, they’ll get to take their stunts to the next level as they watch it come to life using the HEXBUG Nitro Circus augmented reality app. Kids can use the included tripod to record their stunt, then customize it in the app with special effects, including a spotlight, a roadblock, fire, smoke, and more.

There are a ton of different models, sets, and characters for kids to construct and collect, and each varies in size. For example, the HEXBUG Nitro Circus Giganta Ramp offers all kinds of stunts and action. First, kids create the ramp with a stomach-churning drop, and then connect it to the track and the bottom of the ramp. The flexible ramp material will help to keep the figures on a smooth path before they catapult into the air. The adjustable ramp also lets kids customize exactly how high or low their figure will hurl, creating a different end result each time.

Once the ramp is fully constructed, kids place the augmented reality chips around it so that the special effects will be compatible through the app. After they set their smart device to record, they can set their character and its crazy contraption on the launch platform, and pull the ripcord to launch their character on its daring path. Once recorded, kids can add all kinds of intense special effects.

The Giganta Ramp features three characters, a two-piece ramp, and augmented reality chips. Kids can also add to their collection with smaller sets, including the Nitro Circus Capture It! and Nitro Circus Freestyle Ramp sets. Capture It! comes with two characters, and Freestyle Ramp includes one character. Individual characters sets are also available for kids to collect.

Thanks to HEXBUG’s new line, kids that like to walk on the wilder side of life can play out their most imaginative dare devil stunts in a safe space. They’ll be in awe as they watch incredible stunts that they created unfold before their eyes.