If there’s one good thing that came out of 2020, it’s that your Hexbug nanos now have the most epic playset.

With Hexbug nanotopia, kids ages 3 and up can create and connect their own habitat using more than 130 pieces. If you are new to the world of nanos, then welcome, we’re glad to have you here!

Hexbug nanos are small, sensory toys that are powered by vibration technology. No longer than an AirPods case, once you flip their switch on, the nanos will scurry and dash its way around different surfaces. Tl;dr kids will really appreciate that they have a whole dedicated space for their new, tiny toys.

The pieces lock in together tight, but are not impossible to take apart later (one of my personal pet peeves!). A variety of pieces are available, including ramps, obstacles, and risers to add layers and levels. My favorite ones are the bendy jelly walls and merry-go-round, and I love that there’s no right way to build this nano playground. Kids can design it one way, then change it up whenever they want to build their own unique creations each time.

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Not only is this playset worth it on its own, but it also comes with seven nanos to roam free! Four nanos are included, in addition to three newly designed nano Flash. Nano Flash move twice the speed, are twice the size, and light up when they’re set in motion. I did my due diligence as a toy reviewer and set up a race between a nano and a nano Flash, and the Flash definitely lives up to its name.

Nanotopia is the most vibrant playset for kids to let their nanos let loose in! Kids will love to connect and construct to build unique playgrounds.