Kids Will Gravitate Toward Hexbug’s nano Space Line

Houston, we’re taking Hexbugs to space. 🚀

For the first time, kids can transport their nanos to another galaxy with three nano sets from the new Hexbug Space line. If you’re unfamiliar with nanos, they are tiny, collectible robotic creatures that scurry around their environments. These little critters, about an inch long, are powered by a tiny motor and angular legs and use the physics of vibration to propel forward, change directions if needed, and even bring itself right side up if they tip over.

Different from the original nano Habitat playsets that kids already know and love, the nano Space line will help kids prepare their tiny nanos for lift off. Each set is completely modular for kids to build their space stations however they’d like and unique features to embark on intergalactic space adventures.

These nanos want to go ziplining too! The Space Zip Line set is the smallest in the collection, but provides everything kids need to make sure the nanos know what they’re doing up in space. This set comes with a nano, a working elevator, a data entry post, and a gravity training simulator.

If you thought nanos were addicting to watch on their own, just wait until you put one of them in a playset. The tracks are perfectly angled so that they don’t fall off of them, but just give it the extra push needed to make it follow the correct route.

This set comes with a jet accessory to attach to your nano, so it can soar down the zipline. Then, it will push through the gate to enter the gravity training simulator. Place the nano inside of it to train it for its upcoming deep space explorations. Send your nano-stronaut down the runway to send it to the training post, bring it up the elevator, and send it down the zipline over and over again!

The Space Discovery Station features more track space and movable pieces for more nano interactivity. With more twists and turns, it’s exciting to see which direction your nano will end up.

This set comes with two nanos, an ion cannon, a positionable satellite, and accessories such as a moving rover and space suit (A deep space voyager has to look the part, of course.). As simple as the space suits are, they give just the right amount of narrative for kids to create more stories and open-ended play.

Beep, beep! My hands-down favorite part about this set is that the nanos got their driver’s licenses. One of the corners of the set has a ramp that leads to the rover. The nano will then slide underneath it and drive it about, going on important missions and delivering crucial supplies about the Discovery Station.

More accessories are included for the nanos to crash into throughout the station. Two nanos means twice the fun, adding more variables and entertainment to which space expeditions they will journey to next.

The largest—and the most impressive of the three sets—is the Space Cosmic Command. I consider this set the holy grail of the three, mainly because it comes with the one main component necessary for any space expedition: a rocket ship. It also comes with two nanos, a rotating gravity trainer, an air lock passage, an ion cannon, and more.

The Space Cosmic Command is quite large and spacious, so kids will have to make sure that they have enough space to build it however they’d like. The nanos can explore space in the rocket ship, take hold of mission control, and explore all-new terrain.

These sets will inspire an interest of space for kids, and they are guaranteed an out-of-this-world Hexbug experience whether they have one or all three of these sets. Play with them separately, or connect them all to form one epic space station. Go where no nano has gone before with nano Space!



Manufacturer: Hexbug
MSRP: $19.99-49.99

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