A trio of mighty creatures from Planet HEXBUG is headed for the playroom!

The new HEXBUG Dragon collection roars into action with a motley crew of colorful, translucent, fire-breathing robotic beasts that seek to rule the kingdom (or the family room). Available in red, green, or black, the dragons are operated by full-function remote control. That means that kids can direct their Dragons to move in almost any direction — forward, reverse, left, right — and when the feeling strikes, a press of the top button on the remote will command the beast to emit a powerful roar complete with internal “fire” thanks to the magic of onboard LED lighting.

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The secret to the Dragon’s power is the internal rechargeable battery that can be recharged using the included USB power cord. One hour of charge equals roughly 15 minutes of play time and the remote is powered by a pair of included LR44 button cell batteries.

Each Dragon features poseable wings, a tail that wags back and forth, and “floppy” feet that provide a unique, if not slightly whimsical stance and swagger.

Creatures from the HEXBUG Dragon assortment are a ton of fun on their own, but if kids feel the need to impose their rule upon a full kingdom of other similar robotic beasts, HEXBUG can answer that call with a full range of colorful creatures, including scarabs, scorpions, spiders, fire ants, and micro ants.

With all of these majestic robots roaming Planet HEXBUG, it does tend to make one wonder where the humans are in this story and who engineered them all? Alas, kids will be tasked with creating their own stories through the power of imagination!